Event venue - LETŇANY



Ford as a titular partner of the ABF, a.s. would like to invite you for a presentation at Hall 5. Main star will be the Car of the year 2019 of Czech republic - Ford Focus. Keeping it company will be for example Mondeo or Kuga! Professionals from Auto Palace Spořilov will gladly help with picking the right car and the right option for financing or insurance. Ask for consultancy HERE.

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Fantasy Obchod / Fantasy Shop at FOR GAMES!

Fantasy Shop has almost 15 years of experience with everything regarding Sci-fi and Fantasy. Every fan of literature, movies, TV shows, boardgames or LARP will find something to like

This year Fantasy Shop is a partner of FOR GAMES, so look forward for competitions for interesting prices!



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We start tommorow!

Tomorrow on 25th October at 10:00 am we are opening the gates of the autumn edition of the trade fairs: FOR TOYS, FOR GAMES, and FOR BABIES! 


You can look forward to seeing the unique exhibits, cosplayers, the gallery of the steel figures, competitions for kids, workshops, seminars, and many many more cool things! 



So if you're a game freak or a fan of interactive entertainment, soon to be a mom or already are and looking for safe toys, clothes or any other equipment for your children - do not miss this event! 


Where? As always at PVA EXPO Prague - Letňany! 

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We start NOW!

Be a part of the biggest Trade Fair for Video Games and Interactive Entertainment - FOR GAMES 2018! 

Apply now to have the best prices and location!

Download your application form here 

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More area, more exhibitors and more visitors!!

FOR GAMES ended on 22nd October 2017 with a new visitor record!

From 19 to 22 October, a total of more than 52 138 gaming fans and 199 exhibitors including 9 foreign exhibitors presented at 8153m2  net exhibition area within 3 exhibition halls.

With a rich accompanying program, tournaments, cosplayers, competitions and many more, this years FOR GAMES 2017 was definitely a place to be!

We would like to thank all visitors and exhibitors!

See you next year on 25-28 October 2018!!


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Cosplay competition

Attention! Attention! Dear Cosplayers, one big competition is coming!
You can win up to 10,000 CZK and lots of other prizes.
When? On Saturday 21st October 2017
Where? At FOR GAMES at Tiger Stage - Hall 5C

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This year's TIGER MASTERS final will also take place in FOR GAMES where they will finish their 3rd year. You can look forward to the COUNTER STRIKE final: GLOBAL OFENSOVE,LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and HEARTHSTONE. For more information on TIGER MASTERS and possible qualifications, visit

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First closing date for applications at discounted prices 1.6. 2017

Dear exhibitors, the first deadline for applications to autumn fairs is almost behind the door. Until 1.6. 2017 you can submit your application at favorable price terms. See for more. Keep in mind that timely signing up will also provide you with a placement within a hall that will better fit your expectations and requirements.

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Komikslandia is the oldest Warsaw Comic bookstore, held in 2001.
They offer big variety of t-shirts, posters, plushes and many more pop cultural merchandise.
They also believe quality and best customer service are the most important in this business.See for yourself at For Games convention.
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FINALS of the TIGER MASTERS at the FOR GAMES 2016 fair

Within the FOR GAMES 2016  fair will take place finals of the TIGER MASTERS. Already second year of the event will end precisely at the FOR GAMES fair. What can you enjoy as a player or as a fan? Alternatively it is still possible to join the competition and try out the atmosphere of gaming stage ...






Despite its short tournament history at our fair, it became one of the most popular tournaments. In this tournament you can look forward to prizes from the partners of the tournament and in the finals we are giving away up to 50 000 CZK.





League of Legends tournaments are the most popular and that is why they are cornerstone of the ProGaming tournaments. Tournaments are ready for general public and everyone can try them.
For more information about the TIGER MASTERS and possible qualification, please see the web page



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Bring to mind the fabulous atmosphere of the previous set of trade fairs FOR FAMILY

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